Designer Furniture

3D printing is changing the world of furniture, too and particularly the design process, which a few years ago required significant time and investment. The process required creation of prototypes, testing models, modifying, till reaching a satisfying end results. Nowadays, 3D printing streamlines and simplifies the process and is putting no limits to one’s imagination. More and more materials are being used, not only various types of plastics, but also, wood and metal, very resistant, with high quality, allowing additional finishing, polishing and painting.

Designer furniture can look great and be functional and comfortable, it is all possible with 3D printing. Costs and time are significantly reduced and all the designers have to do is… to be creative!

Thanks to BigRep possibilities, one piece of furniture can be printed as a whole and by having a welldesigned CAD file, one can create a highly ornamented or exclusively designed, one of a kind dining table or a chair.