Dobot M1 smashes $100,000 kickstarter in less than 24 hours

Dobot M1, the desktop robotic arm that 3D prints, laser engraves, and solders has surpassed its crowdfunding campaign in just 23 hours. Launched on 28 November, Dobot was aimed as a cheaper alternative to industrial robotic arms without a compromise in efficiency. Since, according to their the company’s Kickstarter page, it can realize features even more than a traditional robotic arm, like 3D printing. Kickstarter is a good place for small startups to find funding as well as create interest in a brand. Similar success stories include the Quadbot which also recently reached its funding target.

The specifications of the robot include 0.02mm precision, a velocity of 200 degrees per second, a 1.5kg workload and 400mm maximum reach. Complimenting their Kickstarter, the team at Dobot included a variety of moving images of the robot in action. Showcasing it’s printing, picking and placing, and soldering functions.

The robot, being a Kickstarter, is available at a cheaper price because it is a prototype. The initial early bird price for backers on Kickstarter was $999 but is now up to $1600. Not incredibly cheap, but in relation to other robotics arms it is considerably less expensive. However, its true test of value will come once the model starts selling the final version and we can see how reliable the machine is.

Included in the package are only two tool heads, meaning in order to fulfill its full potential as a multi-functioning robot it will require further instruments. However, they are enabling purchasers to use their own end-effectors by publishing CAD files of the Dobot’s end-effector interface. The Dobot M1 has accessibility and expandability at the forefront. Meaning knowledge of code isn’t required to operate the robot and they advertise on their website that it has App control and connectivity. In other automation news, we recently saw how Concept Laser are looking to incorporate Swisslog automated vehicles.

Source: 3D Printing Industry

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