Our thoughts on FiberFlex 40D

Our thoughts on FiberFlex 40D

An overview of our experience with FiberFlex 40D
The prints were done on Ultimaker with 0.8mm nozzle. Our observations are that as every flexible filament, it has to be printed with a slower speed. The retraction setting is better not to be used and the print should go as a continuous line. Both objects on the pictures are printed with 0.8mm nozzle, as when we tried the smaller nozzles, the filament was passing very slow trough them. Good results  were achieved once we reduced the speed and started printing at 15mm/per second.

The retraction issue came from the fact that on the Ultimaker, the feeder engine is located at the back and is not right above the extruder like it is the case with BigRep. So, the distance between the feeder and the extruder is longer and hence the retraction issue. Our quess is that on a large scale printer like BigRep, FiberFlex 40D will work better.

The filament sticked very well both on BuildTak and on regular glass.

The vase from the enclosed picture was printed in status “Spiralize outer contour” of “Cura” and was printed quite well, it keeps water and there are not remarks like under or over -extrusion. Which means the diameter of the filament is one and the same from beginning to end.

The fillament was kindly sent to us by our Polish partners: 3D Fly,  http://3dfly.pl/


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